What is chloevevrier.com?
Chloevevrier.com is the official website of Chloe Vevrier. Featuring a new vision of big breast erotica.
Packed with unique content, addressing lovers of big natural boobs all around the world.
Chloevevrier.com is the only website where you can find brand new exclusive content
of Chloe Vevrier, regularly updated several times weekly.
Are Chloe's boobs real?
Yes. She is a 34K all Natural Beauty.
All models that appear on Chloevevrier.com are 100% natural.
Is this really the official website of Chloe Vevrier?
Yes, Chloe Vevrier created and operates her website Chloevevrier.com herself.
How do I get paid?
This program pays you $10 per successful sign up we receive from traffic you send. There is no recurring commission.
Payment is via PayPal only once Affiliate has reached the $100 threshold.
In the event a successful charge is reversed, refunded, a chargeback, etc.,
the approved paid commission will be deducted from future commissions.
How do I check on the amount of sign ups I have sent you?
Once you are an approved Affiliate, you will have access to all your stats by logging into your ChloeCash.com affiliate account.
What are your content guidelines?
You can advertise on any site aimed at an adult audience that does not include or
allude to child pornography, bestiality, rape, password selling or trading,
copyright or trademark violations, or violations of any rights of privacy or publicity.
Traffic cannot be generated via newsgroup or IRC postings or spam e-mails.
Anyone breaking these guidelines will forfeit all earnings with their first offense.
Please also read carefully our Terms And Conditions for proper promotion and marketing rules and usage of chloevevrier.com content.
Do I get free access to chloevevrier.com?
Sorry, no free access. ChloeCash offers banners to use for promotion and a monthly newsletter. Affiliates who want to invest into the future of this site are encouraged to join chloevevrier.com
What content can I use?
We have banners for all affiliates to use for promotion. If an affiliate joins chloevevrier.com, there are guidelines to which content and how much can be used. Some rules include no videos shall be used for marketing under the ChloeCash.com affiliate program and no more than 8 images per photo set maybe used. Under no circumstances should any explicit (open leg) content be used for promotion.
(Full details of this usage can be found in the Terms & Conditions)
Can I promote thru Social Media sites?
We do not recommend this and any promotion thru sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. is at your own risk. These sites use themes which can block or hide the original poster and affiliate links. Again, do not promote thru these type of sites for the protection of your social media accounts and your ChloeCash.com campaign.